Alarm systems conflict with DSL high-speed Internet, cable telephone service

Many cable companies offer attractive monthly discounts to bundle Internet, phone, and cable TV, and the 'phone' portion is actually using your telephone over the Internet, replacing your reliable, dedicated land line.


Consider reducing the features of your land line and utilizing the Internet for long-distance calling and voicemail via Skype, Yahoo! or other free or inexpensive services.

Keep your land line; ensure your security.

Cable telephone service:

  • is less reliable than a standard landline telephone.
  • is NOT compatible with your security system.
  • will NOT work during a power outage, unless you have an operable auxiliary power source, e.g., backup generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


Prevent the possibility that your Security Panel will be unable to communicate with the Central Monitoring Station in case of a true emergency!

If you wish to switch to a cable telephone service or DSL high-speed Internet and you have a security alarm system installed, contact Black Bear Security, Inc. BEFORE making the switch.

Discuss all your options before putting your security and the security of your family at risk.




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